With professionalism, passion and commitment, the entire hotel and service team ensures the well-being of our guests. Our experienced team gives great importance to hospitality, because here every person counts: We look after our guests individually and respond to their wishes.


Maria and Silvano welcome you to the newly renovated rooms of the Rappensberger Hotel! Together with our team we are always ready to fulfill the wishes and requests of our guests.

We would like to wish you a pleasant stay in the historical pearl of the old town Ingolstadt


There is no second chance for a first impression. Hence why the entire Rappensberger team - are attentive, cordial and always open-minded. We want you to feel comfortable from the first moment!

Daniela is since the opening from 2013 and the heart of the Team. Along with her Front desk duties she also takes care of accounting and all organizational things in the background.

Yvonne is since 2014 in the team and after a 1 ½ year Maternity-Break is back again since January 2017. Along with her Front desk duties She is also the Trainer in our Hotel, takes care of reservations, contracts and also the duties of the housekeeping.

Antonia has strengthened our team since 2016 and is at the reception, especially in the afternoon / evening. She is a great support for the guys of the Castello team and helps out gladly when needed.


Getting good trainees is not easy in any field. It is particularly difficult in the hotel and restaurant sector. We are all the more delighted that we are able to help a young person who has decided to join the Hospitality Industry.

Oxana startet her training in Septemper in the Hospitality Industry. She has been living in Germany since 2004 and is originally from Russia. She is also a bis Asset to us due to her Language skills. Oxana can speak German, English and Russian, and is interested in learning Italian.

Breakfast Maid

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and with a proper breakfast you can start your day on a high-note.

Ilona has been in Germany since 2014 and originally comes from Kielce in Poland. She has strengthened our team and has also mastered the initial language barrier tactfully.


In order to offer you a clean and tidy room, our room-fairies work hard for the cause.

Adrienn is originally from Hungary and has been in Germany for 3 years. She has  strengthened our Housekeeping team since March 2017 and is fully engaged in our housekeeping services and ensures cleanliness in the rooms.

Suzi also comes from Hungary, but has been living here for a long time in  Ingolstadt. A lively character and with her funny nature often brings a smile to everyone around and always has good ideas, when needed.

Izeta is a native Croatian, but has been living in Germany for many years. She is the longest serving member in the team and always ensures a good working climate with her cordial style. Izeta deals with challenges effeciently.

Emöke is our new member in the team and has joined recently. She arrived not so long ago in Germany and still learns the German language. Fortunately, she always has a good translator with her Hungarian colleagues